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The model of this hopper is a true to scale (1:22.5) replica of Fd hopper. The wagon has stainless steel wheel sets assuring smooth running on all popular track systems for garden railways. As is the case with the prototype the axle mounting is not rotatable and has double leaf spring imitations. Authentic livery and lettering according to the respective era are applied accurately according to the regulations of the respective railway administrations. The minimum radius is 600mm.

The MGB/FO variants show prototypical differences in details compared to the RhB versions:

  • Added side flaps
  • Platform with open mesh flooring instead of timber boards
  • Nameplate by Schindler instead of Talbot
  • Slip box at the correct position


The Prototype

In 1965, when the Rhaetian Railway added hoppers to their fleet of cars, they resorted to the considerable experience of the Waggonfabrik TALBOT in Aachen, Germany. TALBOT delivered 10 wagons listed with the numbers OS 8656 to 8665 at the RhB.

As from December 1969 these hoppers were assigned new numbers (Fd 8656-8665). Wagon Fd 8658 is one of a kind vehicle because it received an oxide-red livery with white lettering at the occasion of an exhibition. As from June 2003 these wagons were employed as service and maintenance vehicles with the new numbers Xc 9416-9425. One can find them on the entire network of the RhB.

Originally these wagons had a beige livery. Today, the livery appears faded on most of them, which is due to the weather conditions and the operational service. Therefore their “livery” is now a mix of rusty streaks and the faded beige paint finish.

These hopers have a very low centre of gravity and can load 9m³.

The company Schindler Waggon manufactured several more hoppers identical in construction for the RhB and also for other railways. They are in service at the AB (Appenzellerbahn), MGB (Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (ex FO/BVZ), the MOB (Montreux-Oberland-Bernois), SBB (Brünig-Bahn) and the TPF (Transport public fribourgeois (ex GFM)).

RhB Fd Hopper Triple Set - ESU Pullman 36050

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