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Digitally controlled slow acting point motor with built in decoder. Direct fitment to all major brands of G scale pointwork including LGB, Piko and Thiel.


The mXion DWA is the best turnout drive for G gauge. It has the LGB EPL drive size and only needs to be connected to the track. The decoder and the drive, a high-quality, extremely strong metal geared motor, including the control unit, are integrated. All components are injection molded from ABS. This makes it extremely robust and completely weatherproof at the same time. It can work in analogue or digitally and slowly set the points like the prototype (it also works on the EPL control panel). The positioning time (speed) is adjustable. It also has two function outputs, so you can easily switch and dim lanterns or lamps. The original LGB additional switches can be operated on the drive. Signals can also be converted with it. Another highlight, in addition to the low power consumption and full analog operation, is the built-in core polarization. This allows frogs to be connected directly. The appropriate relay is already integrated and connected in the drive. Only the heart has to be soldered on. Furthermore, various special functions can be set and configured. 

Slow action Digital Point Motor - Built in DCC Decoder

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