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LokSound 5 L is intended for use in all applications where the required power exceeds the limits of LokSound 5.  Ideally these are 0 gauge vehicles and also smaller 1 gauge locomotives. Despite its compact dimensions of only 50.8 mm x 25.4 mm x 14 mm it is equipped with a dual speaker output and integral PowerPack.

The LokSound 5 is equipped with a multi-pin connector and is supplied ex works with an adapter board featuring solder pads. 

Operating modes

Like all products of the LokSound family the LokSound 5 L is a true multi protocol decoder. It supports DCC as well as Motorola®, Selectrix® and M4. Of course it supports 14 through to 128 speed steps as well as 2 and 4 digit addresses in DCC format and up to 32 functions. Thanks to RailComPlus® the decoders register themselves fully automatically on suitable command stations.

This decoder supports all DCC programming modes and thanks to RailCom® you may read out the CV values on the main, provided you have a command station supporting RailCom®. There are utility registers for command stations that only facilitate programming of CVs ranging from 1 to 255.

Motorola® users benefit from up to 28 speed steps and 255 addresses. Three additional Motorola® addresses fa