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Our mXion wagons are detailed replica's from the “Feldbahnprojekt eV Berlin”. With a length of approx. 15 cm, the wagon is in the right scale for your model railway system.


The tipper wagon is avaialble in three colour options - Black, grey and mint/teal.

The wagon is made of high-quality, weatherproof and sturdy ABS plastic, making the model durable and resilient. The wheel sets are made of stainless steel and offer good running properties as well as a realistic look thanks to 4 holes.


The different types of wagons on the field railways were often combined and used as mixed trains to optimize the transport of materials, tools and personnel. These versatile wagons played a crucial role in the development of industry and mining in the 19th and 20th centuries and contributed significantly to the efficiency and flexibility of field railways. Today, these cars are valued in model railway layouts by collectors and enthusiasts who want to preserve the fascination and historical legacy of these unique railways.


Wagons can be coupled together with universal hook and loop couplers. These can be unscrewed if required and use the supplied chain over the pin instead.

G Scale Field Railway Wagon - Tipper (Steel Wheels)

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