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You can easily and conveniently replace the electronics of the factory-lit LGB cars (e.g. RhB, DB IC, DB D-Zug) with this decoder. It fits 1:1 as replacement electronics in the existing compartment. You can then switch the functions digitally, activate effects, switch on entire train sets at different times, and much more. Random switching is also possible (e.g. toilet). The decoder also has a large buffer and a powerful 5V generator, so that flicker-free operation is possible for several minutes. The decoder is also ideal for other makes or home-made models.

Ideally for all LGB passenger cars which
have lights from the factory such as :-

- LGB® DB Car (3x31x)
- LGB® RhB Car EW I, II, III, IV (3x67x)
- LGB® RhB diner car (3x68x)
- LGB® RhB Baggage car (3x69x)
- LGB® RhB Panorama Car (3x66x)
- LGB® RhB saloon/Pullman car (3x65x)
- LGB® RhB Gourmino (3x52x)
- LGB® US Streamliner (3x57x and 3x59x)

mXion Coach Lighting Decoder with Power Buffer

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