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Key Features

  • Single-axis throttle (up/down) and steering (left/right) sticks
  • Proportional steering and throttle control with adjustable dual rates
  • Digital trims on steering and throttle channels
  • Servo reversing on steering and throttle controls
  • Auxiliary channel with rotary dial (CH4)
  • Auxiliary channel with 3-position switch (CH3 )
  • 2.4GHz AFHSS Proteus radio protocol
  • Tx charge port for rechargeable batteries (not included)


What's in the Box

  • 1x Planet 2+2 transmitter
  • 1x Planet Proteus 6-channel receiver
  • 1x User manual


Needed to Complete

  • 4x AA-size batteries for transmitter.


Product Description

For years Planet has led the way when it comes to affordable, entry-level radio systems. For these reasons the brand has built a loyal following, especially so thanks to a rock-solid 2.4GHz radio link. The TS2+2 stick transmitter (Tx) is a simple-to-use versatile 4-channel unit with two stick channels and two auxiliary channels.

It's perfect for model trains which are either battery powered or live steam! In fact, anyone entering the amazing world of R/C will appreciate the TS2+2's extra features above and beyond some other basic 2-channel systems.

For starters there are two extra channels, one operated by three-position switch, the other by a variable dial. They're perfect for those extra functions, especially on live steam locomotives. Both CH1 and Ch2 have adjustable dual rates, so control response can be customised. Easy to use, easy to live with, Planet's TS2+2 is all you need to get you going.


Planet TS2+2 Transmitter and Receiver

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